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VELUX is a specialised and experienced manufacturer of blinds that fit perfectly with our FCM Skylights. Our blinds are sleek and stylish – and have been designed with functionality in mind. You can control the amount of light coming in. Please note blinds are only available for a limited range of FCM skylights, blinds are available for the following sizes; FCM 2222, 2234, 2246, 3030, 3046 and 4646.

Whether you want to darken a bedroom or control glare, VELUX makes it simple. 

VELUX Honeycomb Solar blinds are a stylish and modern blind providing protection from heat and glare while providing a near complete blockout from light. 

  • Stylish and modern design
  • White colour for a stylish look
  • Attractive honeycomb structured pleats
  • Near-total light reduction
  • Reduces heat by approx 60% with insulated air pockets*
  • Discreet silver blind rails and fascia

The innovative solar powered design is operated by a new Radio Frequency wall-mounted keypad and requires no wiring and no electrician. 

  • Solar powered
  • Self contained - no external components
  • No electrician required for installation
  • Battery pack allows use day or night
  • Keypad for operation included
  • Discreet silver blind rails and fascia

Pricing does not include the accessory tray (ZZZ 199) needed for installation.

VELUX Blinds to suit FCM Skylights

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