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Proposed 2 unit development

6 Solander St, Dromana VIC 3936, Australia



Hi all, Thank you for your patience, took me little more work but managed to explored few options that fit best for the site .

Click onto Latest PDF Plans to view plans

I loved option 1 design as I think it responds to the site context and views much better.

Option 1 design communicates context and when in the building it will feel more costal.

The side by side for me seems very generic Architecturally and more for an urban city area otherwise they look great..

There are 2 options for the side by side, unit 1 kitchen and window in pantry. or unit 2 opposite side kitchen with no windows to theatre room 1st floor for both can have balconies at rear. Note retreat spaces for unit 1 facing the bay and unit 2 facing rear park. you can have them the same if you prefer .

Sizes are all on the Drawings. Refer to PDF.

I will be producing the 3D model next for council think about the best layout for you.

Head to the new section above I added (Home Maker Centre) and choose from the materials I have from the page thus far. This will help you commit to colors and materials from now before submitting.

Happy to meet up and talk about the plans if unsure. Make a time with Anna




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Hi Steven,

They both look great, but have a few questions listed below.

1. In referrence to having the units 1 behind the other, seems like the unit on the back is smaller, can you confirm over all size?

2. In referrence to having the units 1 behind the other, how does subdividing the land work?, where would be the boundaries?

3. In referrence to units being side by side, is there any other options in placing the garage, perhaps have the garage under the units so you maximize the foot print

4. In referrence to units being side by side, if garages are under the units, can both guest bedrooms be placed on the outer boarder of the unit opposed to boardering the communial wall?

5. In referrence to units being side by side, the garage on the beach side unit is smaller, any reason?

6. my opinion is side by side allows for backyard which potentually can accommodate a small pool, where as the units one in fron of the other has a lot of dead space


Happy to get together to discuss these ponts and other points Luigi may have

Kindest regards


Hi Steve,

I've attached some photos showing side by side. One of the side by side is 41 Carrigg St Dromana which I did go for the open inspection early this year. The other side by side has the garages in the middle which Corry saw in the Preston area.

Considering we have moved away from option 1 which I still like, I would like to see how we can make the side by side more unique. I would like to take advantage of the views of Arthur Seat and I am not sure how the current configuration achieves that. I cant recal why we can't have the garages in the middle but it's an option.

I would like to go through some further options before going into council.

Regards Luigi



Hi Steve and Anna,

We have agreed to go forward with the side by side due to reasons discussed. Prior to submitting the plans to council we would like the drawings to address some side by side options.

1. Views of Arthur seat. This will mean open living areas for both at the rear for level 1.

2. Options of having the garages in the middle as shown in the photo. What are the advantages /disadvantages of this.

3. There are many side by side dwellings in Dromana (eg: see photo of 41 Carrig st). How can we make this development unique? The uniqueness of this land is - location (walking distance to beach, shops, pier, footbal oval), views of Arthur Seat, maybe views of the beach, the land is flat. How do we capitalise on all of this?

Regards Luigi








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