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Proposed Alfresco

9 Brandon Cres, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia





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Hi Anna, Steven and Archiscale team just seeing how this works.


1. Gain building permit for the extended alfresco. Permission to exceed 40% coverage has been approved.

2. Extending alfresco to rear of house

3. Consideration for the pool that is to be built

4. Consideration for heat / cold weather. During summer to minimise heat into the alfresco area

5. Good lighting

6. Options for blending the concrete with the existing paving


Date 26June22

It would be good to discuss (or zoom) the proposed sketches and 3D layout. We have been looking at these layouts for a while.

1. We are not sure about integrating the roof line of the new alfresco with the home roof. It feels costly.

2. The middle section has a flat roof. Not sure about this either.

3. I assume the ceiling of the alfresco will continue as part of the current alfresco area. Light is a concern with the current alfresco area. Should there be at least another skylight in the new rear section? We would like to ensure the design will have adequate light and also minimising the amout of heat during summer.

4. We do have dimesions and type of pool. Will try to upload these as well.


Date 26Jul22

Some further thoughts.

The current alfresco area does not get used during winter and cold / windy days. With the new alfresco the same situation will occur as it is open from the sides. It would be great if the alfresco area can be used all year long. We wish to suggest some sort of shutters (see through material) that can be rolled down on cold days and during warm days have the area open. Due to the size maybe electric powered. Not sure of the products that are available but consideration and allownace to accommadate in the future.


The pool we are installing is Elegance 7 The Elegance - stylish steps rectangle pool - Leisure Pools New Zealand


Date 2 Aug 2022

Also consideration for plants, colours and decorations


29 Aug 2022

Not sure what the status is on the plan updates. But at the home show on 28 Aug 22 we saw the plantation shutters which could be an option for the middle section of the alfresco. The plantation shutters can be a solid roof during rainy days and open during sunny days.



Hi Steven and Anna, Just checking what version of the drawings will be submitted for the building permit?


10 Mar 23

Soil tests attached


19 MAR 23

Added photos showing the dimensions from fence to sleeper and sleeper to concrete edge (900mm in total). If you include the fence post it's less, see photo.

Also attached are the house drawings.

I have not done the measurements with the roof.

Speaking to Corry our biggest concern is heat being trapped in summer and poor natural light. Materials and design need to optimise this.


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