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Proposed New Dwelling

27 Barak Parade, Doreen VIC 3754, Australia



Hi all final made a good start.

refer to Ground floor plans, Before I go too far with the 1st floor can you confirm if your happy with location of the stairs and any changes .

Note , The overall plan works will need a dispensation for the front setback, as porch will encroach.

Feel free if you want to catch up.



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Must haves:

1. Prayer room must be on the ground floor in the north-east direction where we must face in the east direction while praying.

2. Prayer room wall, ceiling or floor must not be shared with any toilet or bathroom wall.

3. Orientation of the house is very important for energy efficiency.

4. Kitchen must be in the south-east direction where we must face in the south-east direction while cooking. The sink should not be
directly opposite to the gas range and ideally should face north.

5. Master bedroom must be in the south-west direction where the bed's back should be touching the south-west wall.

6. There should be no toilet or bathroom over the cooking area in the kitchen.

7. Back of the house must utilize its view to its potential.

8. There will be 4 bedrooms on the first floor where all 4 bedrooms should be in 4 corners of the house to maintain privacy of each room.

9. The house should be on elevated ground from the front.

10. All bedrooms on first floor must contain a study shelve wherever possible.

11. Garage door needs be connected to mudroom and laundry.

12. All bedrooms must have walk-in robes.

13. Master bedroom will have a large walk-in robe (as big as a room).

14. It should be a smart house.

15. We will have a shoes free house; hence the mudroom needs to have enough space to accommodate around 200 pairs of shoes.

16. The floor plan should be in a way, where each floor access can be closed down separatly if needed (specifically the lower ground floor).



Important elements in floor plan

The floor plan ideally needs to accommodate 5 or 6 bedrooms with walk-in robes, 5 bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, 1 formal living and 3 family living area (1 on each floor), double kitchen with walk-in pantry, 1 dinning and 1 breakfast nook, 1 study, 1 art n craft room, 1 prayer room, double garage, 1 mudroom n laundry, 2 store room (1 on lower ground and 1 on first floor), 1 linen closet, water pool/spa with shower area, kids indoor play area, gym, home theatre, 2 bars (1 wet and 1 dry), balcony/alfresco on each level, elevator and double foyer.



1. The house should have transitional design feel and organic elements to it.

2. Foyer should have double ceiling with very grand feeling to it.

3. Picture frame wall moulding in the main foyer.

4. Doors and windows should be proportionate to the high ceiling.

5. Ground floor may have 3.5 meter ceiling whereas first floors can have 3 meter ceiling. Lower ground ceiling height can be
whatever possible

6. Ground floor balcony can be closed when it gets too windy or cold while still maintaining the view.

7. We really wish for the heating/cooling vents to be in the floor and not in the ceiling. There will refrigerate cooling in the house with
split AC in master bedroom, Gia’s bedroom, and family living area.

8. Minimum measurement of the guest bedrooms should be 3.95m*4.71m

9. There will be a balcony attached to the master bedroom and Gia’s bedroom on the first floor.

10. The ground floor should have double ceiling wherever possible to reduce total floor area.

11. The main study and craft room should be on ground floor.

12. There will be TV in only the main family living area and master bedroom.

13. The dinning will also have a dry bar and cutlery storage.

14. Water feature/indoor-outdoor garden can be introduced for the middle house to continue feeling connected to nature.

15. The front of the house should have a boundary railing.



16. We would like a double foyer. The first foyer can be small with a place to sit and take-off shoes and put them away. The second
foyer will be the main foyer with the stairs going up to the first floor. The main foyer will have cubboard space to hang guest's coats/jackets.

17. We would love to have French doors for the entry and then another set of glass door to enter the main foyer.

18. There should be an arched doorway to enter the main house from the main foyer.


Lower Ground Floor:

19. Lower GF should have a very dark n moody feel to it like a nightclub where light is used in interesting ways. On the lower ground floor, we would like to fit in the following:

Ø Large wet bar with an island

Ø Pool table

Ø Indoor water pool plus spa with shower area

Ø Powder room

Ø Place for rainwater tanks

Ø Indoor sitting area

Ø Kids play area

Ø Exercise area/Gym

Ø Large Storeroom

Ø Home Theatre room