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Proposed Additions & Alterations

1/23 Murphy Grove, Preston VIC 3072, Australia



Thanks guys got examples , planning to send you your plans early next week, will be working on it over the weekend . Realy looking forward Working on yours . Here is a project i just finished working not far from you in Sylvester Grove . Click here to view



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Hey Steve,


Thanks so much for your work on this so far. We are really excited by what you have come up with downstairs and can’t wait to see the upstairs plans too.


As discussed, we bought the house 9 years ago before we were married. We fell in love with the area, it’s a nice quiet street but so close to everything we need. We both use public transport to travel into the city for work and love the convenience this location offers up. After the birth of our daughter 4 years ago we realised that we were going to need more space. We looked into selling and buying in the area but with the median house price in Preston being $1.4mil its out of our reach!


We currently walk our daughter to day-care at the Darebin city day-care. We want her to attend Preston Primary and Preston High both within easy walking distance from our home. So basically we are looking to create a modest home with enough room for our family to grow over the next 15 years until our daughter has completed her schooling.


We would like 3 bedrooms and a larger living area, potentially also a living area upstairs. We want to have lots of multi-use spaces that can grow with our family. For example spare bedroom and rumpus rooms that can also be used as studies, as we both spend some time working from home. One of the things I love most about our house now is the green are we have with the hedge and the garden and I am keen to keep lots of windows to be able to look out to the green and let lots on natural light into the house. We are looking to make our home as sustainable as possible as this is important to us, so things like solar panels good insulation and double glazed windows are a must. Wherever possible we would like to use more environmentally friendly products and designs, obviously we will discuss this with the builder too.


For upstairs we are wanting a large bedroom for our daughter with a large built in wardrobe. A master bedroom for us with a walk in robe. A separate bathroom with large walk in shower and large double vanity (we have the bath downstairs and don’t feel like we need 2). We would like the toilet to be separate. And any kind of rumpus room you can fit in would be ideal. To the south west of our block we would have city views from the second story so any windows we can get in there would be amazing!


In terms or our style and aesthetic, you have seen our house as is, we like to lean into a bit of a retro style, clean lined mid-century styling.

For the façade we were thinking along the lines of timber cladding, we have seen a few houses in the are with this and we really like the look of it and its stand apart from the brick/render townhouses that pop up everywhere.






Hi Steve,


I have add three pictures to the extior tab. The photos are from a project currently being built around the corner from our house (32 Dean Street, Preston). Both Bron and myself love the look of the wooden cladding and the roof profile and the material used for the roof. Thought you would like to see them.


Look forward to hearing from you soon.





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