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Proposed 3 Unit Development

35 Sylvester Grove, Preston VIC 3072, Australia



1/04/22 Hi all, refer to plans updated. Went over the 4 unit development with Rohit and did a preliminary assessment and we were short 30m2 of garden space from last design. I have amended the drawings to comply for the site. We lose 2nd car spots to make each unit have 25m2 P.O.S Rohit still thinks unit 4, 3rd level will need to be 12m. setback but we can amended it to make it work at RFI stage. I still want to give planner a focus to pull apart. I had a meeting with the agent as well, just so I can prepare him on the different developments, he will meet us again altogether next week when your all free.. all sizes are on Drawings. I will still massage the drawings once we commit to the type of development before submitting the plans. Did few different examples of layouts for unit 2 and 3 . 2 beds with rumpus or office that can become bed rooms . This is where justification will be allowed .



13/03/22 Great Talking today guys !!! This is a Project I did few years back , Similar context , please look and see prices similar near this property , The proposed goes for few hundrewd k more then the others. . This is bringing sole to your living room from the heart of Thornbury. Events like Friday Saturday shoping, then the space changes after 5pm. Its that sole what people want and pay for. Thats why they love these areas.

The proposed site is iconic in its self so should be treated with rules that bring you that Preston sole too. All those buildings will be commercialisedand re-developedone day and will take on a new dynamic living along Plenty rd. if you look at docklands buildings its life stylke there selling not M2 as there all the same foot print. Views, theatre , sole and amenities like public transport is what people pay the most for . Can move freely locally without a car.


03/03/22 I will let Rohid our planner go over this now and confirm. I like the 3 units best as i think you can ask top $ and council will support it more . 4 should work may lose 2nd level for rear unit otherwise I think it should be ok but very small. it all depends if they support that 3 levels . Thus why I did a poster to communicate it to council the project has an impact to Plenty Rd streetscape and the 3rd level done right will help improve the overall area from utopian building surrounding it . The building responds both architectural and urbanly, becoming a marker for the Area.


02/03/22 uploaded concept Animations and 3D's of the building for 3 units 3 levels . looks great . just ideas on materials


02/03/22 Hi All, Refer to plans with 3 units development and the 4 unitss. I have combinedthe PDF as one . Floor plans came up very nice .

By going of the surveyors drawings we will need to be 12m setback for 2nd level.

We can discuss.


28/02/22 Hi All, Refer to plans with 4 units 4 beds reverse living 3 levels and 3 units 3 beds with living on ground floor 2 levels


15/02/22 Hi Robert, REFER TO PLANS FOR 3 UNITS 3 BEDS .2 STOREY. ( optional with Roof Tops) Regarding the 4 units I have been going back and forwards & can't seem to make them work with the format and end up too small and over developed. I am working on 1 more format version to see how it works. will send them ASAP. will jump back on them tonight





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[06042022] Hi Steve & Anna, thanks for the updated plans, we are reviewing these right now. For the meeting with the real estate agent, how soon can we do that? It would be great to meet either this Friday or next Monday?


[29032022] Thanks Steve, great discussion yesterday re the plans. We see the key next steps as follows:

1. Recut the 3 dwelling plan to produce smaller dwellings, targeting around 20-22 squares per dwelling

2. Take another look at the 4 dwelling plan and finalise this as alternative option we can consider and also speak to real estate about

3. Meeting with real estate agent to assess potential end sales opporunty/value


Items 1 & 2 to be completed ASAP

Item 3 aiming to have a meeting before end of next week, ideally no later than 8 April





Thanks Steve, look forward to trouching base this week when you are ready. Cheers, Rob

Hi Steve, what's your confidence level on the 4 dwelling option getting through council? Cheers, Rob

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