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Proposed Fence Drawings/ Pool House & Front Fence

22 Bali Hi Blvd, Templestowe VIC 3106, Australia

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11/01/2022 Hi Jason Merry x.mas, Refer to updated plans & 3D model with animation . keep in mind just concept. materials colors can change. I moved the pool fence . refer to PDF plans . This this works well mate . !! look at the images of pool gates idea opeing to bar .



22/12/2021 Hi Jason Refer to updated plans, model coming today somtime any feedback on the new layout will be great .


Hi Jason Refer to plans . click onto latest PDF above . , I have few question regarding structure and size . look over preliminary plans and feel free to call me 0409782247 or Best we meet up at the office to go over the construction details for the Alfresco size.. call Anna to make a time on 9478 8873. we can explore it on the PC together to confirm direction ans size . . we can't have any openings to spaces adjacent to pool.



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Hi Anna

As discussed, following is an outline of the works for which we require plans and permits.

Pool fence

  • Glass
  • Indicated by red line on site plan

Front fence

  • Brick base and pillars
  • Horizontal aluminium slats between pillars
  • Electric gate
  • Indicated by green line on site plan

Retaining Wall

  • Retaining walls on boundaries
  • Along whole western boundary, approximately 1200mm high
  • Along northern boundary, beginning at 1200mm high at north-western corner, then gradually reducing to 200mm, approximately 20m in length
  • Concrete sleepers with steel posts
  • Timber paling boundary fences erected above retaining walls
  • Indicated by blue line on site plan

Pool house

  • Approximately 9m x 4.5m
  • Located as close to western boundary easement and northern boundary fence as possible
  • Allowing walkway between structure and northern pool fence
  • High, exposed timber ceiling, higher on the south side and sloping down slightly to north side
  • Fixed, solid walls along North and west sides
  • Moveable glass panels along south and east sides, allowing to be fully opened
  • Slightly elevated, stone floor
  • Fully serviced (gas, water, electricity)
  • Pizza oven in NW corner, with storage area underneath for timber
  • Plumbed gas Barbecue, along west wall
  • Exhaust above barbecue
  • Island bench with sink
  • Under-bench drinks refrigerators
  • Stone benches
  • Television on north wall
  • Fireplace on north wall
  • Ceiling fans
  • Ceiling heaters
  • Toilet? (if possible, in separate area in NW corner)
  • Indicated by yellow rectangle on site plan

Attached is a picture of the site plan, originating from the plans I have previously forwarded to you.

I have also created a Pinterest board for illustrative purposes and have placed notes highlighting the appealing features in each pin. The Board folder is titled “Pool House Design”.

In relation to the site itself, I’ve also attached images of the front of the property (where proposed fence will go), the rear (west) boundary (with our inviting, green pool!) and two photos of the northern boundary and current grass area, where the proposed pool house will go.

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact me.



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