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Proposed new dwelling

109 Morell St, Glenroy VIC 3046, Australia



Tas 14/12/21 Hi Eve and Greg , the pink door width you were after should fit fine, we will make those changes for you and complete working drawings for you!


Steven 8/12/21 no problem Tas will do Those during working drawing


Steven 8/12/21 Hey Greg, Refer to new updated model . Looks Good !!!


Steven 6/12/21 Hey Greg, 3 options for facade . colours can be changed to reflect. note renders will look grey on images.


Steven 24/11/21 Looks good Tas !!! added changes i think need to be considered, refer to sketches in gallery


TAS 22/12/21 HI Greg, yes W10 has been changed from to hob height, ive left it at 900mm from from floor as it gives a small gap from the hob and still is same level as other windows beside from exterior



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Greg 24/11/21

Thanks Guys,

Please see amendments made by myself and Eve.

Greg 29/11/21

Thanks again guys,

Please see further amendments to drawings with notes. But its looking good guys. Thank you heaps.

Greg 1/12/21

Awesome Tas thank you. Please see attached amendments and questions? If you could give me a call to discuss that would be great.

Eve 01/12.

Added some facade images for your information, I like the brick pillars on any of the images.

Greg 2/12/2021

All looks great now Tas!!!! So with our facade we would like the front porch to be extened to the right of the house rather than a porch just where the front door is as per amended sketch. Please refer to the pictures uploaded. this will obviously change the plan view essentially. Im sure this will be something you have to look at before we send to Engineering..

Greg 6/12/2021

Thanks guys for the facad options. Both Eve and I feel they look a little plain. Please see see another attached photo would it be possible to apply this one as an option as well? Can we also possibly make it one big window instead of two for the Master Bedroom.. Thanks again guys.

Greg 8/12/21

Steve, that facade looks great. We are happy to go with that please. Just two small changes to the floor plan.

• Change WIR door to cavity slider

• Change Laundry layout as per red pen.

And That Is IT!! LOL.. Thanks again guys.

Greg 8/12/21 Thanks Steve.

EVE 10/12: Hi TAS and Steve.. I just added 2 Front entrance door samples. I'm not sure if they can fit the dimensions we already have. But I'm more leaning towards the pink door. Let me know if it's to big to fit.

EVE: 14/12.. wonderfu, Thanks Tas..

Greg 19/12/21.. Thanks for the Preliminary Working Drawings mate. All looks good, only a few details.

• Please see attached photo for lighting and electrica plan. Please refer to original electrical plan and copy to suit current plan. Any questions please call me.

• Please see elevation plans photo.

Awning windows through out where opening

Window in main bathroom to be taller to meet bath hob

Window in Dining area to be taller

North reference is wrong the elevations are labeled wrong

Laundry door and window seem too close is there anyway to separate them more?

Greg 21/12/2021

* Please see changes made in uploaded photos.

* Any questions please call me.


W7 window to be 900 wide.

Has W10 been changed to be at bath hob height?


Greg 22/12/2021

Hi Tas, I appreciate what you have done with W10 in keeping it with the rest of the windows, but Eve would like the bath hob to act as the window sill for the bath as well. Could you please make the bottom of that window to be 500mm off the floor thus making that window's overall height 1600? See Photo attched in Interior's gallery

If you can do that then that will MOST DEFINITELY BE IT! LOL......YEP LETS SEND THESE OFF TO ENGINEERING!!!!!!

22/12:EVE... Hey Tas.. I have noticed the window in the ensuite. the window is located in the shower.. lol.. can u please replace it with a slim line window above the shower, that would be great.

Greg 22/12/2021

Mate, Can you please change W5 to an awning and W4 to 2100 wide x 1800 high.

For some reason W7 has gone back to 1210 wide instead of 900?

North Elevation hinge door on right hand side as per plan view.

Let me know when its updated and ill check it again.

Thanks Guys.

Greg 23/12/2021

Tas, One last change please, can you please split W10 as per attached pic.

Change W6 in window Schedule to a fixed window

Change W5 in West Elevation to and awning.


Greg 18/01/2022

Hi Tas, Thanks for amending this. Please amend the following:

W4 on Plan view needs to be changed to reflect 2400 wide window as per Schedule and West Elevation.

W5 and W6 need to be 900mm off floor level and keep them at 600 high.

W2 please check as this is in the shower should the bottom sill be higher off the floor than 1660 to comply with regulation? It seem a little low?

Is the Alfesco part of the overall "BUILDING AREA ANALYSIS"?

A couple of minor things.... please change the Council to Moreland City Council and could you just put todays date in the date section as well?

Once amended please let me know when it's uploaded and I'll check again.


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