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Proposed side by side development (duplex)

146 East St, Hadfield VIC 3046, Australia



6/15/22 - Hi All refer to 3D models and animations . let me know what you think . as well refer to lastest PDF for plans





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Hi Anna,

Just sending over some info regarding updates and changes to be made to the design of our 2x units side by side

The look below is what Sev wants (double storey) , we will put colonial bars on the windows at the front the only thing she doesn’t like about the frontage of this look, is the thick columns which we want to replace with Posts and add the effect of steel lacing like the second photo in this email (single story Victorian style home)

Does this make sense ?

Furthermore, we would like the staircase to be moved so that it is not right in front of you as soon as you walk in but straight after the garage facing either side of unit depending which one you are in.

My Mums unit on the left let’s call it unit 2 - Can we change the theatre to a guest bed as well with ensuite and wardrobe ?

And also we want to scrap the study at the front of both units and if we made Mums garage 3500 wide like unit 1 so Garage is same on both sides can we then add a lounge to the front ?

Mum is still really keen on putting a lounge at the front if we removed the staircase and took a meter and a half out of the garage we would have approximately 5m of width at the front area of Mums place which is enough for a lounge in front of her unit ?

I know you guys initially said there were some complications with the lounge at the front but she is really keen on it and will do anything possible to have it

For both units can we have 1500 width minimum from the island bench to the stove bench

For Mums unit there is a structural wall in the living area to backyard - Can we scrap that and use some engineered steel or lintels so that the whole space can become a glass door (facing the backyard) ?

Upstairs for Mums unit can we make the rumpus smaller and add more room to Bed 2 and Bed 3 with ensuite and walk in wardrobe for both ?

Upstairs for my unit I want to scrap the lounge completely and add walk in wardrobe and ensuite to each room and also make the master room wardrobe allot bigger like the one in Mums unit (doesn’t have to be as big but bigger than current) ALL GOOD




Hi Anna,


I will refer to Units as 'My Unit & Mums Unit'

Please make the following amendments to the plans ..


For My Unit;


At the GF Entry rather than a small study i would like a marble table and rack for coats and hats etc.


Entry Door to be 1100wide by 2400height (Stud opening will need to be 1150 x 2450)


The Bench across the stove needs to be bigger - Amend to 1200 wide and extend the Bench with the sink so that the corner of both benches are in-line with each other, Kitchen window may need to be made larger to suit


Make Dining Window Larger


For Upstairs, Cancel Bedroom 3


Extend WIR for Master to have a more grand effect, Slight increase the size of ensuite as well


Move Upstairs Study further down to advocate for enlargening of WIR


Bed 4 Upstairs to have same WIR/Ensuit design feature as Master Room but obviously not as grand (we will use space allocated for upstairs bath for Bed 4 Ensuite)



Mums Unit:


Change Garage Back to Double Garage, add storage area near entry as per previous set of plans


Move guest room where the Rumpus is, add Ensuite but WIR not required as long as it has a BIR


Light Funnels are required for Living Area



Additional Notes:


Add Laundry Shoot for both Units, redesign to suit (By extending WIR and Ensuite for My Unit we can potentially align the laundry with WIR and have easy solution for shoot, If required, For Mums Unit, we can move the Laundry Area back next to the pantry if not please provide solution for a laundry shoot)


Roof to be Gable Roof


Walls to be White Weatherboard


Adequate, Gas/Electric and Water Connections to Alfesco Area for Sink, BBQ etc


Both backyards to have walkways to back fence with a gate/door that leads to the park


Posts are to me amended to suit Victoria Style Lacing to be added later on (Not current Thick colums)


Other considerations - We want this to be a sustainable build with highly insulated walls (Very good thermal insulation), if that means adding hempcrete to the walls before battons and weatherboard than it may be a path we could go down


Airtight Layers, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery, Thermal Bridge Free Construction is also something to consider



I have drawn on the plans to help illustrate some of the above as well - I am currently at home so will scan and send to you tomorrow


Anna/Steve, As discussed from the beginning i dont like the 3d images look of the house i asked this to be a Provincial House with Ivory colour.... also going through the top floor plans Bedroom 3 is BIR is small I will review this and get back to you shortly. Thanks Sev

Hi Anna,

Hope all is well and as discussed this week Tuesday can you please change my house room/Bed 3 from BIR to a WIR (by taking another 900 from the loungeroom length should be suffice) and update the drawings for us to view. thanks heaps Sev

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