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338 Pound Rd, Narre Warren South VIC 3805, Australia

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Hi Guys refer to plans uploaded, Note there are few options for 1st floor . zoom out to view full page in PDF on the right side



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12pm Steve house plans - zoom .. Discuss new plan for master bedroom. Add Linen walk in robe level 2 (for towels linen storage and IRONING AREA) - (like Mary’s house but a bit bigger) add show and cloak wak in on level G and basement , . Void from level 1 to level 2 at rear of house - in living area . And also at the front of house GRAND ENTRY foyer - add round Cough piano or indoor fountain and piano, as discussed . how to make it work.

adjust size of balconies- get rid of balcony as there is now a huge void on top of living area . Large balcony only at master bedroom for privacy - window to look down into living void from master balcony.

.no balconies are the ffront Of house.

facade is finalised . Set forward to allow for large foyer entry (space piano couch or fountain)

keep Large Stair case to basement as is- ( easy access to basement more use

. (But noise goes up- how to avoid noice from bar going up to level 1 and 2.


make garage a 4+ car garage at least. get rid of toilet and work shop. (move work shop into a walk in space somewhere else .

put toilet next to theatre room as we will have more space there now that we are setting that wall forward ( level 1 and basement have more space there ))

Theatre room - step down into the room. Sound proof .


livinf room - 6 metre high ceilings (void) - STEP IP A FEW STEPS.makes it seperate to Dinning and makes it more Grand.

allow lots of meters for Dinning (not too close to livinf and kitchen bench)


panty need to be wider ; allow for comfortable space for cooking- not narrow.

laundry can be 3m wide. Shoe pantry (turns into ironing walk in room- make it comfortable size to iron plus laundry baskets and storage wall)


we love the massive storage room in basement. add cupboards in garage for garage stage. make garage enter larger to accomodate 4th car to enter.

does the large storage space in basement fot kids bikes cars go carts, sewing machine scooters etc)

.keep loft where it is . Make shoe panty laundry storage and iroming space. Make pantry larger , it's a second kitchen where I will cook 99% of the time . slightly hange shoe pantry position or door Poseidon to front of house (make it more CONNECTED to laundry Rather than front of house. -


back yard to have guest house (huge party room with kitchen)


allow space also for large pond/fountain with sunbeds to sit on the water)


AT FRONT GRAND ENTRY - add large floor to ceiling shoes + cloak walk In Cupboard - woth slide doors or big iron doors - can walk into it like a shoe pantry but not huge - rectangle not sqaure shape.

make sure all hallways are legs - over 2m. Don't like small hallways for such a large home.

bidet and toilet in MASTER bedroom and level 1 main toilet.

all bathroom /toilets to have 2 SINKS.

made breakfast bar book and study nook at level 2 (bedroom level) in the space where wall will not bet set forward allowing more space there (next to laundry shoot hallway)

mall bedrooms (besides master ) don't need to have huge bathrooms but always 2 sinks. - clothing storage is important (allow for large walk ins in every bedroom)

add party room (guest house - including small kitchen) seperate to house at back yard . (It should be enough space to allow kitchen , lounge , bed . but for now it is a party space with kitchen mainly for kids for parties.)


also: update

move workshop from garage to basement storage area . (tools bench + cupboards) in storage. (We won't be using the space for fixing things it's just a place to put tools) (makes room in garage for 4th car)


move toilet from gagrge to basement - next to lift .


put bowling alley at rear/ next to theatre room- narrow with a door Next to theatre door. (reference bowling alley from photo we uploaded for tonight dimensions) it's basically a narrow long room.






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