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Proposed Additions & Alterations

1 Northernhay St, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia



10/02/22 Hi All Refer to updated plans. if I forgot anything let me know .


8/12/21 Steven - Hi Guys refer. to Changes till date , 3D model with roof is uploaded as well VR model can be viewed on the browser link is above on the left


old below

  • Animation is out of date refer to plans
  • Confirming kitchen layout before 3D Animation



Hi Steve,

We have had a good few looks over the plans (thank you) and we have the following comments:

front decking to extend across the front porch. Done

  • we think a new, wider single door will be required for Aidan's access (to replace current double doors)

During Documentation we can specify.

  • just a question - can the decking down the side extend practically all the way to the fence?

Yes I have allowed discrepancy . When you build this you can build it as to AU Australian standards

  • we are looking to reduce the decking area allocated around the spa pool. the pool size is likely to be 2.1.x.2.1 within an overall 4 x 4 mtr fenced space.

This can evolve at a later stage when you commit to a spa as it will not be part of this Buiulding Permit .

we still need to look at rear access transition options and solution for Aidan from the driveway to the rear deck

  • In Aidan's bathroom, please swap position of shower and toilet (better for Aidan's left hand hand rail)

I have placed a Window on that side. I will need to remove otherwise . This can be changed During Documentation next stage

  • Can you easily show a high window along Aidan's south wall (closer to the west end of the wall) Done went with long floor to ceiling. see if you like that but can confirm During Documentation stage when we do window schedule.
  • In relation the family bathroom, our feedback is that we like the size of the bathroom and powder room in option 1, with the removal of the cupboard laundry (to go into the butlers pantry) Done just can confirm location .
  • With the kitchen and butlers pantry, we have started to look at more detailed design, but realise this may not be need at this stage. Our general feedback is to have a sizeable and separate butlers pantry (including laundry). The bottom line is that the wall separating the pantry and kitchen will be at least at the position as in option 1, or further south (i.e. the pantry will be bigger)

Please Call me in Regrads or we do a Zoom Meeting. Not sure what you mean or draft the idea on paper and post it for me.

We hope this is enough information at this point, but if not please let us know. We are looking forward to seeing the animation and your kitchen area roof designs.

Thanks Steve, Daniella & Michael



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