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3 Deleware St, Yarraville VIC 3013, Australia



uploaded thoses sketches , let me know if your still having issues submitting



Hi Guys I have made those changes and responded to the word document. Please refer

Can you confirm the kitchen layout as it's giving me 1500 on each side of the island if I use 3m bench and 2200 for L'dry .


rtefer to pdf attached


Feel free to call me on 0409782247



Good morning Sharon & Chris, I have uploaded the Preliminary Working drawings so you can all review.

Please look over the windows & door schedule & feel free to call for any questions you may have. I'll email the drawings to you Sharon

& include Matt as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Anna



If you want to add your brief as a PDF or Word Doc, File upload it here

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Continue the conversation and don't delete the last post, if you make an error refresh page before submitting.

Welcome to Archiscale , Start completing your brief.




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Final doc uploaded- thanks so mcuch


9 Febeuary 20222- please note one more doc will be uploaded soon.

so far we have uploaded gpos update and lighting


Hi Anna and Steve

Happy Wednesday, sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. Following our meeting with Matt, we've had to go back and make some changes to our working drawings in order to get back on track with our budget.

Please see an updated document with notes as well as Lighting and electrical updates.

We are hoping we won't have to go back to energy rating or engineering but let us know. Hoping to get the final version of everything to Matt by end of this week or early next week so he can trigger a contract.

Let us know if any issues and how much we need to pay you to get these changes updated.

Thanks again for everything,
Sharon and Chris



S&C - Oh wow! This is looking great Steve, we are loving it!! A few minor changes and questions in the 'Comments on plan from 20-10-2021.docx' file attached. Let us know if any issues or concerns with any of these and then i think we're ready to move on to the next phase after that! Thanks again...really happy with where this has landed and very, very excited!


Yes wery excited - Sharon( woohoo)


S&C - Hi Steve, made two small changes to the doco which i have now attached as 'Comments on plan from 20-10-2021 v1.1.docx' and listed as below:


- The above will then extend the kitchen further so can we please make the kitchen island bench 3000x1100 and move sink to cooktop
side of kitchen

- Can we also please reduce distance between cooktop and kitchen island to 1100 so that edge of bench is more in line with
laundry/pantry wall?



Steven- refer to doc. for responce and questions I have above on status


Sharon- hi steve - thanks all looks good- let's proceed to working drawings- we will leave the bench as is for now and decide if we are going to extend it- in terms of working drawings- do you know when we can expect them so i can let matt know in terms of pricing? thanks so much. Sharon and Chris


Uploaded the feedback post meeting


26 November - Thanks Anna, Steve and Team - have reviewed and have 3 questions/comments- once this is updated we can sign off- Sharon and Chris Yay

29 November- As discussed with Anthony- need BIR in Bed 3 updated to wall backing onto stairs and inclusion of internal window to retreat

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